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Preserving The EscapistEdit

Dear Akriloth2160,

as you might know The Escapist is currently hanging on life support. Most staff were fired, there is barely any new content these days. While I cannot predict the next move of Defy Media, I think the we seriously have to face the possibilty of The Escapist getting completely shut down without warning. 12 years worth of content would be lost to the public. We cannot completely rely on and its clones to archive everything, especially all the video content. Also not every video on the Escapist website is on Youtube, and the Escapist Youtube channels might be shut down as well.

So I would like to ask you want to join me in my Escapist Archival project. 

I say that we should do what was done when the GeoCities shutdown was announced, and what was done when SoundCloud was almost shut down this year: we should start siphoning the website and try to preserve as much content as we can.

If you are interested in helping, please send an e-mail to meekee7(@) (sans the brackets). I will send you an invite to my Discord channel where we can talk about it.

Thank you.

Meekee7 (talk) 22:12, November 7, 2017 (UTC)

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