The Imp could be considered the mascot of Zero Punctuation, first appearing and first named in his very first review, and has since been included in just about every review he's done since then. Imps are generally used to represent things from games, some examples including enemy characters (Necromorphs from Dead Space 2 and ghosts in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Beyond: Two Souls), animals (your dog in Fable II, and a cat in Tales of Monkey Island), younger children wearing helicopter caps (Dead Island and Kirby's Epic Yarn), to name a few. Sometimes larger Imps are used to represent boss characters. Other times when imps are tiny they are referred to as quibbles (small things Yahtzee personally finds irritating in a game, such as in Borderlands) and, on three occasions, there has been an imp with a white body and black eyes(the occasions in question being Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Resident Evil 5 and Shadow of the Colossus) Not only that, but they also appear on the logo for both Zero Punctuation itself, and Extra Punctuation as well. In Yahtzee's |Halo Wars review, Imps were in a bonus clip at the end in which one sneaks onto Yahtzee's computer and a group of them begin to make a crude review of Pedigree Chum, only for the Imp posing as Yahtzee to be shot at the end. This was the first time that Imps had a voice, which consisted of high pitched mumbling.

Female Imps are present as well, but little difference is seen between them besides a red bow, or a pink bow in BioShock 2.


  • Imp Hoody
  • Women's Imp Hoody (comes with a little red bow)
  • Imp Poster
  • Imp Plush
  • Imp Girl Plush
  • Imp Dance T-Shirt
  • Chomp T-Shirt


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