Hatfall is a game developed by Yahtzee with assistance from AddictingGames, released on 2015-07-06. It is called the "official Zero Punctuation hat-putting-on simulator".

The game Edit

The player controls a ZP depiction of Yahtzee, who lost his hat and gets new ones by catching the hats that fall from the sky. Missing a hat leads to instant game over.

Later levels add more challenge to this task:

  • There are multiple characters on the stage that look the same and the player has to figure out which one is Yahtzee. Skins can be purchased to make this easier.
  • There are multiple objects falling, and only one of them is a hat. Catching a non-hat results in the character being smashed into paste.
  • A wizard adds distracting/challenging curses. Surviving a curse grants the player a wizard reward.

Unlockable gifts Edit

For catching 25 hats, the player is granted a free gift.

  • Satellite Hat Targeting: Marks what is hat (and what is not) after the item has fallen from the sky.
  • Survival mode: Triggers the survival shooter minigame.
  • Swear jar from a parallel universe: Replaces text in the game with swears.
  • Nodding dog: Vanity item, no known effect.
  • Picture of a horse: Triggers the Wedding Party minigame when combined with Picture of a lady horse, otherwise a vanity item.
  • A tire: Unlocks the hidden gift, a second tire. Remains a vanity item until the second tire is bought.
  • Hat-sassin's Creed: Triggers the dating sim/visual novel minigame.
  • Solid gold desk: Triggers the insurance form minigame.
  • Rose-tinted glasses: Makes the game screen look more pink.
  • A gun that shoots beards: Vanity item, also puts beards on dead animals in survival minigame.
  • The emperor's new upgrade: Effect unknown. Probably no effect, as the name is an obvious reference to The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • Another tire: This secret gift is unlocked after the first tire is bought. Triggers the hill race minigame.

In the Steam version, additional gifts are available:

  • Picture of a lady horse: Triggers the Wedding Party minigame when combined with Picture of a horse, otherwise a vanity item.
  • Back patter: Replaces the text on blue screens with random compliments and positive messages.
  • Thing with numbers on it: Displays your score on the screen between levels. Also tracks the number of rocket parts you have.

Hidden minigames Edit

Hidden minigames are triggered by purchasing the right gifts and playing a few rounds of the regular game. They also grant a number of bonus hats, depending on the player's performance.

Dating sim/visual novel Edit

Triggered by Hat-sassins Creed. A parody of Japanese visual novels. Go on a date with Hat-Chan! Picking all the correct choices grants 110 hats.

  • A Steam achievement is awarded if you "immediately violate Hat-chan". You also get 1 hat - Hat-Chan. Yes, you put her on your head. She's a hat. What did you think violating her meant?
  • The maximum affection route is: Ask Hat-Chan on a Date, Is That Okay?, Go on a dog walk, Play along for now. Get him to talk first, Tell her the truth, Return the sentiment, ..., STICK IT IN.

Insurance form Edit

Triggered by Solid gold desk. Fill out the insurance form while getting drunk. Answering all questions correctly grants 60 hats.

Survival shooter/Business text adventure Edit

Triggered by Survival mode. Shoot animals to earn food. Eventually, you shoot a bear in a shirt and trigger the business simulation, where you have to manage an animal company. It is impossible to avoid entering the business simulation: once the "meat meter" is maxed out, only bears in shirts appear, and there is no other way for the game to end.

In the business text adventure, the regular responses to situations can have both good and bad results, so the choices of the player have little effect and the outcome is decided at random. At any point you can steal all the money (which is converted to hats on a 140-ish to 1 basis) and run. If you haven't gone bankrupt or stolen the money by the fifth question or so, you're forced to steal the money.

Hill race Edit

Triggered by the second tire. Catch more hats while riding the desk with wheels down a hill. Imps also fall, which keep you from catching hats for a while.

Wedding Party Edit

Triggered by having both pictures of horses, only available in the Steam version. Escape from the party by walking to the right. Occasionally you'll be "attacked" by random people, triggering a parody of a Japanese turn-based RPG.

  • Each successful battle gives you a new special attack. Most special attacks are much more effective than the normal attack, so use them regularly.
  • The exception to this is the Fireball attack, which instantly defeats your opponent.. and then ends the party. Because, you know, you set one of the guests on fire.
  • Eating Canapes restores your stamina, usually. Sometimes, the Canapes attack you. If this happens, Eat will be available as a special attack.

Wizard rewards Edit

If the player survives a wizard curse, at the end of the game the player can pick one of three cards which can grant bonus hats or single-use powerups.

  • The Fool: No reward
  • The Hierophant: 10 bonus hats
  • The Wheel of Fortune: 50 bonus hats
  • The Tower: Double hats next game
  • The Hanged Man: Extra life next game
  • The Magician: Instant wizard next game
  • The Chariot: 1 free gift

Rise of the Hat Lord Edit

In the Steam version, the Title screen will show a countdown of total hats collected. This is cumulative over all plays and includes all hats obtained for any reason. When the countdown reaches zero, the Rise of the Hat Lord occurs, awarding a Steam achievement.

At that point, all text in the game (including the title screen and plot text in the mini-games) is rewritten to refer to "praise Rondo" repeatedly. In addition, the "thing with numbers on it" now switches to displaying "0/7". This refers to 7 "rocket parts" which can now be found within the minigames, which also change:

  • Dating sim: You get to date Rondo-chan. If you attempt to deviate from following Rondo-chan's suggestions, the minigame will generally immediately cut out and you get no hats. Since you can only ever follow 1 route successfully, you can only ever get 1 hat. If the player takes Rondo-chan to the Heretic Pits and chooses to stone a scientist to death, they will receive a rocket part (and is the only prisoner in the pits who doesn't cause the minigame to end 'prematurely').
  • Insurance form: All questions refer to Rondo.
  • Business adventure: All questions refer to Rondo. A rocket part will be strapped to a bear in the hunting minigame.
  • Hill Race: A rocket part will occasionally appear in place of a hat.
  • Wedding Party: Your opponents are Rondo Cultists. Occasionally, you will converse with A Man With A Rocket Part Strapped To His Head; defeating him gets you that rocket part.

Once all seven rocket parts are collected, reaching the end of the Hill Race game will start the Space Travel mini-game in which you must avoid goblins while on the rocket-powered desk. Completing this mini-game defeats Rondo and restores the normal text, plus awards an achievement. An achievement is also awarded for "playing all minigames", which includes Space Travel and thus can only be gotten as part of defeating Rondo.

The Story Edit

Read the in-game story texts here.

Links Edit

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